Bon Bini na Boneiru!

Bonaire is easily regarded as one of the Caribbean’s last unspoiled islands. The low-key vibe and casual atmosphere is enjoyed by many who return again.

Bonaire is a special municipality of the Netherlands. topics for speeches This means that as an inhabitant or tourist you are on Dutch territory, where a bit of old-world atmosphere is mixed with a decidedly Caribbean touch. Being off icially Dutch,the island has a stable economy and a reliable political system.

With just 20,000 inhabitants and over 70 nationalities, Bonaire is a highly multicultural society. This characteristic is reflected in art and culture chapter 4 summary of to kill a mockingbird as well as in the local cuisine, with its many different exotic flavors.

A delightful climate

As tourism has developed at a cautious pace over the years, Bonaire remains remarkably unspoiled. Situated beyond the hurricane belt, the island boasts a delightfully consistent climate. Refreshing trade winds blow throughout the year, which is especially pleasant during the day, when Bonaire basks in the rays of the tropical sun.